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Services We Provide

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  • Full PC Service

  • Web Hosting

  • Data Recovery

  • Intranets

  • Onsite Support

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Computer Repairs


Services Provided


Please ensure you bring in your laptops power supply when getting repairs done

Quick Service:

* Basic start-up clean, blow out of dust, anti-virus inspection, minor tweaks.
* Recommendations on repairs, upgrades or future problems you may encounter.


General/Full Service:
* Blow out of dust in the computer, full circuit clean & hardware inspection.
* Hardware Testing, BIOS Updates, Full Windows Cleanup
* Windows Tweaks, Updates, Performance Improvements
* Service Tweaks, Shutdown Speed Improvement
* Start-up bloat ware as we call it cleaned up.
* Important Drivers Updates such as ATI/NVIDIA & Chipsets etc
+ Upgrade To Latest Windows 10 Add $50 For Labour Time.


Virus & Spyware Removal:
* Includes full service above along with complete removal of viruses and repairs required to fix the damage they may have caused.

$125 - $185

Fresh Install of Windows:
*  Wipe hard drive clean, hardware test to ensure hard drive OK.
*  Fresh Install of Windows, Windows Updates/Service Packs
*  All Device Drivers Installed, Free Anti-Virus etc.


Data Transfers:
* Data transfer between systems, burned to CD/DVD or USB
* Data Cloning for faulty drives


Insurance Reports:
*  Custom reports to evaluate computers damaged by storms or other means.

$95-145 (1-3 Devices)
($25 Per Additional Device)

We also offer support for Apple Mac's eg. New Hard Drive / Fresh Install of OSX

 Data Recovery:

Stage 1 - In house minor sector repairs, software file system rebuilds etc

Stage 2 - In clean-room mechanical repairs
               * $500 Non-Refundable Deposit Required For Stage-2 Recoveries.  


$1750 - $2000


Onsite / Home Call Outs:  $125 Per Hour (from the time we leave the store and return)

Experienced technicians can come out to your home or business and help resolve any computer issues you may have.

We generally service the local area within 25km and also have availabilities towards Northlakes direction call and enquire for more information.  

-: Custom Servicing Per Computer :-

Our technicians custom service all computers, no one computer is the same, starts the same, shuts down the same.  Each and every computer serviced here at ComputerDrive is adjusted according to what will work best for both the customer and the hardware to give a better overall user experience when finished.  Our technicians adjust things such as:

1.  Startup Speed (primary goal on all servicing)

2.  What programs startup when... booting, at the welcome screen, after login.

3.  How fast a computer shuts down according to the programs running on it.

4.  What goes on while you use the computer, when things run or don't run.

We provide Data Recovery services for different data storage types such as Hard Drive, SD Cards, Compact Flash, SIM Cards and even certain Mobile Phones.

Website Repairs
Need changes made or something fixed.  We charge $65-125 Per Hour

irus Removal Brisbane

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